Call for Micro-Policy Proposals

Shaping a Better Future Together for Britain

Modern, effective policy-making is characterised, among other features, by open and evidence-based idea generation that is innovative, flexible and creative.  The Conservative Policy Forum is the setting within the Party that enables Members to participate in this process.

The Conservative Policy Forum:

  • develops and advances Conservative ideas and policies within the Party and in Government for the benefit of the whole nation;
  • creates regular opportunities for all members, regardless of age or location, to discuss the challenges facing the country and to have real influence on Party policy;
  • champions Conservative policies locally and nationally so as to support the election of candidates at every level of government who will implement a Conservative policy agenda.

The regular cycle of national CPF discussion papers and additional local policy CPF meetings offer the space for openness and creativity with respect to long-term macro-policy development. Events reported by the news, however, often present short-term opportunities in areas of micro-policy to which it would also be beneficial to create a similar space. In response to this need, the CPF is launching a micro-policy initiative.

Open Call for Micro-Policy Proposals

Have you heard or read something in the news and thought, "We should do ...?" Then perhaps you could work your idea up into a timely micro-policy proposal?

Members are invited to download the one-page template below to submit micro-policy suggestions addressing policy challenges of their choice. Proposals should be sent to the CPF Voluntary Director, Hannah David at

Submissions will be accepted from members only and be reviewed monthly. Only completed submissions from Party members (or CPF Groups and Associations) of no more than one page in length will be considered. Any realistic proposals that are consistent with Conservative values will be presented to the CPF Chairman for consideration and possible submission to the relevant Government minister for comment. Members may submit a maximum of one micro-policy proposal per month.

The best suggestions will receive a Director’s Award and be showcased on the CPF website.

Image (c) Peter Pearson (CC BY-SA 2.0)


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