Local CPF Meetings

Roundtable Discussions

Roundtables are the main activity of most CPF groups. Each year the central CPF team produces 5 - 6 briefing papers which can be found here. These briefing papers have questions from the Government and local CPF groups meet up to discuss the papers and answer the questions. Groups can also produce their own briefing papers and questions around local issues or topical questions. 


These events are usually best when there is a smaller group of participants, but it can also be effective when you have a larger group of people and split them into tables of 5 - 10 people. The running order might look something like this


  1. Attendees arrive and network for 10 minutes.

  2. The CPF Coordinator opens the event. They may do this by showing a relevant video or graph, or reading segments of the briefing paper, or by inviting a policy expert like an MP to share a few opening thoughts.

  3. The table / tables discuss each question from the briefing paper in turn, and the Coordinator writes notes about their responses. With a larger group, the Coordinator might ask someone to write the notes while they chair the discussion.

  4. After answering each question, the Coordinator might read out what they have written, and ask the group to raise their hands to confirm they agree with the write up.

  5. At the end of the meeting after answering each question the group might discuss whether there are any further points they would like to raise or any feedback about the paper itself.

  6. The Coordinator will then send a summary of the group's responses back to the CPF team to be added to the report for the Government minister. They may also share it with the local association. 

Online CPF meetings

Many CPF groups are now running their roundtable discussions online using video conferencing systems like Zoom. Online meetings are very effective for CPF meetings because the Coordinator does not have to worry about finding a venue for the meeting and people across a large geographic region can get together easily. It can also make it easier to make sure everyone in the group gets a chance to share their views, as the Coordinator can choose who has the floor at any given time. It is also possible to do things like raising hands, hold a written chat stream in tandem with the discussion, and run polls, which can make the meeting more interesting.


We have produced a guide to running a meeting on Zoom which you can access here. CCHQ are also helping Associations to meet online by setting up the online meeting and managing the technology, so get in touch with them if your CPF group would like to meet but you are unsure how to manage the technology.



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