Coronavirus Pandemic


Life as we knew it has been turned upside-down. We are currently unable to socialise in the same ways as previously we have all too often taken for granted. Nevertheless, democratic government continues and we in the Conservative Policy Forum want to play our part to encourage and support one another, to help hold our communities together and to contribute to the wise leadership of our country.

Conservative Values


Environment and Animal Welfare


How can we protect our environment and leave it in a better state for future generations? How do we maintain and improve our animal welfare laws now we have left the EU?

Infrastructure, Investment and Devolution


The Conservative Party and Prime Minister’s agenda to level up and invest in infrastructure has never been so important. To help communities across the country to prosper, we will continue modernising our roads and railways, and improving the everyday services that people rely on to get to work, visit friends and access local services. Strengthening these vital connections, ensuring journeys are quick, reliable and clean, is central to our ambition to level up the country and kickstart regional economies as we rebuild the economy.



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