CPF Members' Manifesto - Thank You

Thank you to everyone who submitted manifesto proposals to the Conservative Policy Forum. This includes over 100 CPF Groups who responded to our latest policy discussion, which invited input to the Party’s manifesto.

Summary of Post-Brexit Economy discussion

In response to the CPF discussion on the post-Brexit economy, we received submissions from 102 CPF groups, representing 117 constituencies plus one Conservatives Abroad group and at least 1054 members.

#CPFMembersManifesto: What are our values and how can we reflect them in policy making?

After the 2017 general election, the CPF led a Party-wide consultation into Conservative values. Now, with the election of a new Party Leader and new Prime Minister, we want to give Members the opportunity to reflect again on who we are as a Party and how our values should be reflected in the policies that we seek to champion and implement.

Extra Discussion Paper for London

Policing & Crime, Housing and the Environment. Shaun Bailey, the Conservative candidate for London Mayor, wants to hear the views of CPF groups and supporters across London on these three big policy areas.

Summary of Sustaining Democracy discussion

In response to the CPF discussion on Sustaining Democracy, we received submissions from 98 CPF groups, representing 114 constituencies plus two Conservatives Abroad groups and at least 839 members.

Post-Brexit Economy Discussion Paper

By the end of October, albeit seven months later than originally expected, the UK will have left the European Union, in accordance with the result of the 2016 referendum. Following our recent discussions on Global Britain and Sustaining Democracy, in order that our Party is ready to make the most of the opportunities that this presents, this discussion paper invites you to consider the Post-Brexit Economy.

Feedback on Disability and Inclusion discussion

Thank you for the CPF’s Paper 5/2018: Disability & Inclusion, and for helping organise the roundtable with members to further discuss the paper. Both the paper and the roundtable provided interesting insights and I would like to thank everyone that contributed for the thought-provoking ideas that have arisen through CPF’s work.

Summary of Global Britain discussion

In response to the CPF discussion on Global Britain, we received submissions from 137 CPF groups, representing 165 constituencies plus five Conservatives Abroad groups and at least 1232 members. This represents the highest response rate since the CPF relaunched after the 2015 general election. In addition, over 3,500 Party members participated in an online poll based on question seven.

Feedback on Digital Age discussion

Thank you to you and the broader CPF network for sharing their perspectives. As you know, the Government is making a number of investments in Digital through the Industrial Strategy as well as actions across many other departments. We are also looking at the risk of harm from the Internet, and the potential actions to prevent or mitigate these.

Sustaining Democracy Discussion Paper

How can we strengthen the Union, ensuring that the government serves people in every part of the UK? How can we encourage more people, especially young people, to participate in our democracy? Our second policy discussion of 2019 encourages us to reflect on Sustaining Our Democracy.