Past Events

Visit to Broadland CPF

The CPF was delighted to be invited to the second meeting of the new CPF group of the Broadland Conservative Association in Norwich.

St Albans CPF

Hannah David attended the second meeting of the St Alban’s Policy Forum last week.

South Devon Conservatives

This week, Hannah David attended the Torbay Conservative club to speak to Party members from a broad range of South Devon Constituency members.

Hornchurch and Upminster CPF

Hannah David was delighted to visit the Hornchurch and Upminster Conservative Association last week.

Gloucester CPF visit

Last week, Hannah David was invited to attend a meeting of six Conservative associations within Gloucester. The meeting was well attended with representatives from most of the participating associations in the region.

Visit to Eddisbury

As an excellent start to August for the CPF, Hannah David was delighted to be invited to speak to Party members in the Eddisbury constituency, Cheshire. The purpose of the meeting was to explain the importance of the CPF for the voluntary party and for a CPF debate to be held.

Young Professionals – The QV group, Pimlico

QV is a new group of young Conservative professionals (aged 20-35) who hope to meet together regularly in London to discuss current affairs and getting more involved within Conservative politics.

Visit to Hong Kong

Hannah David was delighted to meet with representatives of Hong Kong’s Conservatives last week.

Visit to Yorkshire and Humber

Last weekend, Hannah David was delighted to attend Leeds to speak at a Yorkshire and Humber committee meeting and to update them on CPF activity.

CPF Devolved

Following our visit earlier this year to Northern Ireland, members of the CPF management team have met this past week with the CPF Regional Coordinators for both Wales and Scotland, Lyndon Jones and Marek Zemanik.