The Conservative Party Manifesto

The Party's 2019 election manifesto has been published and thanks to the input from CPF members across the country, we can with good cause claim that it reflects the views and suggestions of the Party's membership:

Progress Report and Updated 2018-19 Programme

As part of the ongoing renewal of the CPF, I thought you would appreciate a quick Progress Report after our highly successful Conference, with news of our updated 2018-19 Programme.

Search for new CPF Voluntary Party Director

The three-year term of our current CPF Voluntary Party Director is drawing to a close, so we are commencing the search for someone who is passionate about the CPF and who can build on our recent successful record of growth and influence.

Discussion Programme Update

Continuing our series of papers aimed at supporting the PM's domestic policy priorities and encouraging members to reflect on policies of particular concern to voters under 40, I am pleased to confirm the topics planned for our national policy discussions for the months ahead.

Women in Public Life Survey

The CPF is delighted to be joining with the Conservative Women’s Organisation London this year to mark the centenary of women’s suffrage.