Consultation on Policing & Crime Prevention

Ahead of the Police & Crime Commissioner elections on 7th May, our second consultation paper of 2020 is on policing and crime prevention. This should help members and other supporters with the knowledge to campaign for our fantastic PCCs on the doorsteps, and we anticipate that your local input will prove invaluable to your PCC candidates. For more details on our plans for 2020, please visit our website.

Please use the opportunity of this discussion to reach out to new voters in your constituency. Let people know that you are interested in them and want to understand their perspective.

Please send your responses to the paper via the online Forum on our website or by sending to the associated response form published alongside this paper below. A copy of your submission will be sent to your local PCC candidate. The deadline for submitting your response is 29th March. Our next discussion paper will be on the environment and animal welfare and will be published on 11th May, after campaigning for the elections.

A summary of responses to this discussion paper will also be sent to the Prime Minister’s Policy Unit, Party Chairman and CPF Chairman within a month of the closing date for submissions. We look forward to hearing your ideas as we continue to unleash the country’s potential.

Thank you to everyone for your time spent in discussions and a particular thank you to all the organisers. Together we can help even more to shape our Party and country’s future. So, keep up the great work!

The "short version" below excludes graphics, for those who prefer only the core discussion material.


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