Consultation on the Queen's Speech

Happy New Year! We hope you have recovered from the work that you did over the General Election and feel rested for 2020. We were pleased to see so many of your suggestions in the manifesto:

  • 57% of commitments in the published manifesto could be traced back to ideas proposed by CPF groups;
  • 47% of ideas in the CPF Members’ Manifesto were reflected in the published manifesto.

As we begin another period of Conservative majority Government, the CPF has an exciting programme ahead. We will continue to work closely with the Prime Minister’s Policy Unit, who are now listening to CPF members in ways that was not previously so.

Our consultation programme this year begins with this paper, inviting you to let us know your views on the Queen’s Speech, including any ideas you might have for the budget. The closing date for this consultation is 1st March. For details of future policy consultation dates, please see our January newsletter.

Our CPF monthly webinars—or video conferences—will kick off with John Penrose, the new CPF Chairman, on 29 January. He will be discussing this paper and our plans for 2020, as well as taking your questions and suggestions. You will need to register as a member on our new, interactive website to access this webinar.

Thank you to everyone for your time spent in discussions and a particular thank you to all the organisers. Together we can help even more to shape our Party and country’s future. So, keep up the great work!

A summary of responses to this discussion paper will be sent to the Prime Minister, Party Chairman and CPF Chairman within a month of the closing date for submissions. We look forward to hearing your ideas as we continue to unleash the country’s potential.

The "short version" below excludes graphics and details from the speech, for those who prefer only the core discussion material.


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