CPF Award Winners at Party Conference

Thirty CPF groups were presented with Director's Awards at the CPF Drinks Reception, held at the Party Conference in Birmingham.

In addition to our stand in the Party Zone, the CPF hosted three events: a workshop with our CPF Champions, a panel discussion with the Conservative Women's Organisation (CWO), and our main drinks reception. Over 200 members attended our reception, filling the hall to capacity, while others queued around the corner for half-an-hour to gain entry and some reportedly came to conference just in order to attend our reception.

CPF Chairman George Freeman MP, Party Vice-Chair for Policy Chris Skidmore MP and our newly-elected Voluntary Director Flick Drummond each presented something of our vision for the CPF in the months ahead. In addition, our outgoing Voluntary Director, Hannah David, outlined some of the growth that we have seen over the three years of her elected term and presented a range of Director's Awards.

The awards fell into two classes: Participation and Policy Awards, including Most Original Submissions and, for some of those who had proposed policies specifically highlighted by No.10 for consideration, Most Noteworthy Suggestions. The Bath and North East Somerset (BANES) CPF group earned a particular mention not only for being awarded the Most Original Submission for our Youth briefing but because their coordinator was invited during the conference to discuss his proposal (originally submitted last December) in greater detail with no fewer than three of the Prime Minister's policy advisers.

Although Downing Street formally responded to CPF members' proposals on this topic in the spring, this engagement demonstrates the extent to which the Prime Minister and her Government are continuing to take the ideas of CPF members seriously and are genuinely looking to implement policies that have been proposed by CPF groups.

A full list of award winners follows:

Plus MOST REGULAR GROUPS (There are 15 groups that have submitted reports to all 8 papers published since the CPF was relaunched in 2016): Sherborne, West Dorset; Esher and Walton; East Devon; Petersfield Branch, East Hampshire; Hornchurch and Upminster; Tewkesbury; South West Devon; Ellesmere Port and Neston; Skegness, Boston and Skegness; Redditch; Great Yarmouth; Teesdale, Bishop Auckland; Swindon;Bridlington & East Yorkshire

LARGEST MOST REGULAR NEW GROUPS: Braintree; Folkestone and Hythe; and Hereford and South Herefordshire

LARGEST GROUP (Ranked by average number of participants across all papers): Barnet, Finchley and Golders Green

LARGEST GROUP MEETING: Harwich and North Essex (who had 92 to one of their meetings!)

(Constituency with) MOST GROUPS (that regularly submit reports): West Dorset

18-3 Health: Bath and North East Somerset (BANES)
18-2 Environment: Havant
18-1 Skills: East Devon
17-4 Youth: Reigate and Banstead

MOST NOTEWORTHY SUGGESTIONS (specific policies highlighted by No.10 for consideration)
17-4 Youth: Bosworth AND Birmingham City: a national clearing house for apprenticeships
18-1 Skills: Telford & Wrekin: a professional qualification to recognise skills for small business owners
AND Bridlington & East Yorkshire (East Yorkshire): “in-career” training (similar to what happens in the Armed Forces)
18-2 Environment: Bakewell (Derbyshire Dales): recycling of plastic and foil encapsulating medication in the NHS