CPF Groups meet PM at No.10

Following the CPF's recent discussion on health and social care, 15 CPF members from 8 CPF Groups last week joined the CPF Champion for Health, Dr Luke Evans, to participate in a roundtable discussion at 10 Downing Street to consider how we can create a fairer and more sustainable social care system.

The event was organised by the PM's Policy Unit and included the PM's Director and Deputy Director of Policy and the Department of Health Special Adviser. Discussion focused around three main questions:

  • What are the highest priority areas to fix that would improve care and what are your potential policy solutions?
  • What are the highest priority areas to address to make the system fairer and what are your potential policy solutions?
  • How can we encourage people to make greater provision for social care needs?

Areas considered included: the need to use IT to broaden the reach of social care and bring it into the 21st century; the need to raise public awareness of the extent of the issue; the need to encourage people to plan and save for social care; how we can make the system fair to taxpayers, recipients and those who deliver care; and options for how to fund care.

At the end of the discussion, each member was invited to give a "30 second elevator pitch" for an idea that they would like to see the government implement.

Participants commented afterwards that they were "very encouraged that the Party's top policy-makers are listening to the views of the grassroots" and that "it was a well organised event with an excellent free flow of ideas." Everyone who attended "really felt listened to and that we actually made an impact."

As the group was leaving, they passed the Prime Minister on the stairs, who stopped to greet them all, making the occasion all the more memorable. As one member tweeted afterwards, "What an exciting day!!! Absolutely amazing to be invited to 10 Downing Street by Conservative Policy Forum to discuss social care! Truly feels amazing to know your voice is being heard!!"

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