CPF in Manchester

The CPF held and participated in several events at this year’s Party Conference:

  1. The National Convention (Sunday)

The Chairman of the CPF and Chair of the Prime Minister’s Policy Board, George Freeman MP, spoke to members about Conservative renewal and where the work of the CPF fits in. He highlighted the impressive increase in the CPF’s membership and announced the new ‘CPF: Tomorrow’s Champions’ scheme.

  1. CPF Discussion on Conservative Values (Sunday)

To tie in with the CPF’s post-election discussion on Conservative values, CPF (Voluntary) Director, Hannah David and CPF Manager, Dr John Hayward chaired an interactive discussion. The audience split into six groups and considered two questions:

  • What are the most important values and principles of the Conservative Party?

  • Taking those values into account, what should the CPF be discussing over the next 12 months?

The answers that came out from the session will inform our future national discussion programme.

  1. CPF Drinks Reception (Monday)

This was an extremely well attended event, during which George Freeman informed the audience about our new “Tomorrow’s Champions” panel.

  1. “Showcasing our Party’s Groups” event (Tuesday)

Hannah David explained to the audience about the two key CPF reforms (Shaping Tomorrow; CPF Champions) and joined in the panel debate which followed. The audience of party members expressed considerable enthusiasm for the CPF’s efforts.

  1. NHS Confederation event (Tuesday)

John Hayward represented the CPF at a discussion with NHS leaders and the Minister of State for Health that will help to shape future CPF discussions on health and social care.

  1. CPF Exhibition Stand

We also maintained a full-time presence in the Party Zone of the Exhibition Area, where we were able to catch up with CPF Coordinators and respond to scores of enquiries each day.

Thank you to everyone who reconnected with us or introduced themselves at any of the above.