CPF Members' Manifesto - Thank You

Thank you to everyone who submitted manifesto proposals to the Conservative Policy Forum. This includes over 100 CPF Groups who responded to our latest policy discussion, which invited input to the Party’s manifesto. It has been a great opportunity for us to showcase the diverse array of talent and thought that members can contribute to one of the most important ideas documents the Party produces. In addition, we have now presented the final version of the CPF Members’ Manifesto to the Prime Minister’s Policy Unit, based on all the work of CPF Groups since the 2017 general election. Thanks to all the ideas from Party members and MPs as well, we are building a compelling, inspiring policy vision that won’t just underpin the upcoming election campaign, but will map out the future direction of post-Brexit Britain as well.

All the ideas are being formally processed through the Party’s Manifesto Committee, and we are writing busily. Inevitably there won’t be space for everything, but we will fit in as much as possible. And many other ideas which aren’t big enough to make a headline will go into our background policy war-chest, to be rolled out if we need to respond to particular twists and turns of the national debate during the campaign itself.

We will be in touch with further information in due course. In the meantime, many thanks once again!

Flick Drummond
Dr John Hayward
John Penrose MP