CPF at National Conservative Convention

CPF joined with the Conservative Women’s Organisation (CWO) at the National Convention Spring Forum to launch their joint working programme and celebrate 100 years of CWO.

The CPF Voluntary Director, Flick Drummond, chaired a panel discussion and question and answer session with Mims Davies MP (Minister for Sport and Civic Society), Cllr Pam Hall (National Convention Vice President) and Saba Shaukat (CWO member and CEO of Sentient Design technology company). It was agreed that CPF and CWO would work closely together with focus groups to help attract more women around the country to participate in policy-making.

Flick commented ”This is an exciting project as we engage women from all ages and backgrounds to make sure that we all work together to make post-Brexit Britain a great place for everyone.”

The Chairman of the National Convention, Andrew Sharpe, who also serves as Vice Chairman of the CPF, praised the CPF, under the chairmanship of George Freeman MP, for its growing success in giving a real voice to Party Members. Andrew thanked Flick and particularly the CPF Manager, John Hayward, for driving forward the national policy discussions and providing a vital link between Party members and the Prime Minister’s Policy Unit and Government Ministers.