CPF roundtable at No.10 on employment and lifelong learning

Following the CPF's discussions on disability & inclusion and on the digital age, representatives from 15 CPF groups across the country yesterday joined the CPF Manager, Dr John Hayward, and CPF Voluntary Director, Flick Drummond, to participate in a roundtable discussion at 10 Downing Street to consider questions around employment and lifelong learning.

The event was organised by the PM's Policy Unit and included the PM's Director and Deputy Director of Policy and the Department for Work & Pensions Special Adviser. Discussion focused around two sets of questions:

Disability & Inclusion:

  • How could government better support the transition from education into employment?
  • What more can be done to encourage employers to hire disabled people?
  • What support should be available to disabled people in employment and how to encourage it?

Digital Age:

  • What is the range of potential ideas to support people at different life stages / levels of learning?
  • Who are the most important people to support?
  • How could government facilitate retraining?

For one participant, it was a particularly special day, as they were also celebrating their sixtieth birthday. Another commented afterwards that they "went home fired up with ideas!"

Be sure to have your say in our latest discussion, on sustaining our democracy. Who knows, if your group is responsible for a particularly interesting policy proposal, you too may be invited to discuss your ideas in greater detail at the heart of government!