Extra Discussion Paper for London

Policing & Crime, Housing and the Environment. Shaun Bailey, the Conservative candidate for London Mayor, wants to hear the views of CPF groups and supporters across London on these three big policy areas.

This briefing paper contains three sets of discussion questions. CPF Groups may wish to discuss each set of questions on separate occasions. Groups should feel free to discuss as many of as few of the questions as they wish. All responses will help Shaun to understand better the views of members and supporters.

As always, discussions will be more greatly informed if groups are able to include members and non-members from different age groups. Please use the opportunity of this discussion to reach out to new voters in your constituency. Let people know that you are interested in them and want to understand their perspective.

Shaun wants to ensure that as many associations and as many members are able to engage in this vital and wide-ranging discussion. There is no closing date for this brief, although the earlier that groups are able to submit their responses, the better.

Please send your responses to the paper, via CPF.Papers@conservatives.com, using the associated response forms published below. For the convenience of groups that will hold three meetings and those that will hold just one, we have provided separate response forms for each of the three topics, plus a single response form covering all three. All responses to this paper will be forwarded to Shaun’s Political Director.

Thank you. We look forward to hearing your ideas on this important topic and hope that you will also join Shaun to campaign on a street of London near you! For details of where to find him, please visit www.shaunforlondon.uk/events


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