Families for the Union

As we face further calls from the Scottish Nationalist Party for yet another divisive independence referendum, the Secretary of State for International Trade, the Rt Hon Dr Liam Fox MP has called for a "Families for the Union" movement to help unleash an emotional argument in defence of our historic union. "It's not just about the economic case for union; it's not even just the security case for union," he told CPF Members last week. The vast majority of us have parents or grandparents who came from across the nations that constitute the United Kingdom and "we are so much stronger together than we could ever be separate." "As the Prime Minister said this morning, our union is not a union of constitutional laws - it's a union of people, because we have moved and married among ourselves for more than 300 years."

The whole of the CPF team was delighted to attend the Conservative Spring Forum in Cardiff last weekend. Our Friday lunchtime fringe event was entitled “What are Conservative Values?” and was extremely well attended. Our Chairman, George Freeman MP recorded a short film to introduce the topic. This was followed by a talk by our special guest, the Rt Hon Liam Fox MP, after which he responded to many questions from the audience.

In addition to his belief in the Union, Dr Fox highlighted his belief in Conservative values such as limited government and the rule of law - and how this makes our country so attractive to foreign investors. He also affirmed his belief in a sympathetic but robust welfare system; that defence and security is the first duty of government; in our transatlantic bonds, including NATO; and in meritocracy. The CPF would again like to thank Dr Fox for giving us so much of his time and for his very interesting and insightful talk. 

On the Saturday of the Forum, the CPF's Voluntary Director Hannah David addressed the National Convention about the CPF. After explaining the CPF’s current structure and discussion programme, she highlighted how well last year’s national discussion paper on Housing had been received by the Communities Secretary, the Rt Hon Sajid Javid MP and, as the Secretary of State said, how ideas in the Housing White Paper “came about as a direct result of the efforts of the CPF.” Hannah also explained how the CPF had grown, with the number of registered members nearly trebling since Feb 2016. Hannah mentioned that, moving forward, the CPF was looking forward to its events at Party Conference this year and regional conferences in 2018.