General Election Update

The Prime Minister has announced that an election will be held on 8 June and Parliament has taken the necessary steps in Parliament to ensure that this can happen.

We need an election now because it will strengthen the Prime Minister’s negotiating hand in Europe and because it is the only way to ensure our country has strong leadership, certainty and stability – not just up to the point at which we leave the European Union but beyond it too.

We have the right plan for negotiating with Europe and we have the right plan for a stronger Britain.  An election now will give the country stability and certainty for a full five years and enable us to continue taking the right long-term decisions for a more secure future. An election now will enable us to build on the good work Conservatives have done and to stick to our Plan for a Stronger Britain.  From the productivity of our economy to the need for a world-class system of social care, we will tackle head-on the long-term challenges we face as a country:

  • Establish Britain as the strongest country in Europe, in economic growth and national security.  We will negotiate a deep and special partnership with our European neighbours.  We will strike export deals for British goods and services.  And we will lead the world in preventing terrorism and fighting modern slavery.
  • Build a stronger economy that rewards people who work hard and creates secure and well-paid jobs.  We will make sure there is growth and prosperity around the whole country.
  • Provide real opportunity for all.  We will give everyone a chance to get on in life, by building enough affordable housing and making sure there is a good school place for every child.
  • Build a more secure and united nation by taking action against the extremists who try to divide our society and standing up to the separatists who want to break up our country.

Only Theresa May has the plan and the proven leadership to deliver the right deal for Britain abroad and a better deal for ordinary, working people here at home. When she became Prime Minister after the referendum, the priority was to provide economic certainty, a clear vision and strong leadership – and that’s what she delivered. She has also delivered on the mandate from the referendum, and begun the process through which Britain will leave the EU. We now have a one-off chance to hold an election while the European Union agrees its negotiating position and before the detailed talks begin.

For this reason, all previously-planned CPF activity will be suspended until after 8 June. The deadline for the current discussion paper (adult social care) has been extended until Sunday 18 June and the next paper (jobs and skills) will be published on 19 June. We will also publish a formal response to CPF submissions on the cost of living paper in June.