Global Britain discussion paper

What should Britain’s role be in the world? How can we maximise our soft power through our aid, trade, and security commitments? How can we make ourselves safer and create more trade in a dangerous world?

Our first policy discussion paper of 2019 is looking at Global Britain. Watch our brief introductory video with CPF Chairman George Freeman MP.

As always, discussions will be more greatly informed if groups are able to include members and non-members from different age groups. Please use the opportunity of this discussion to reach out to new voters in your constituency. Let people know that you are interested in them and want to understand their perspective.

We want to ensure that as many associations and as many members are able to engage in this vital and wide-ranging discussion. Some groups may wish to discuss the questions over the course of two meetings. The closing date for this brief is therefore 28 February.

Please send your responses to the paper, via, using the response form below.

A summary of responses to this paper will be sent to the Secretaries of State for Defence, International Trade and International Development; CPF Chairman, George Freeman MP; and the Prime Minister’s Policy Unit within a month of the closing date for submissions.

The next paper will be on Renewing our Democracy, one of the five areas covered by the Prime Minister’s Policy Commission, and will be published the week of 18th February. Thank you. We look forward to hearing your ideas on this important topic.

Please advertise the CPF paper on your website and social media pages. It would be great if you could post a photo online of your meeting too.


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