Health and Social Care Discussion

Last year, the CPF published a discussion paper on the important subject of adult social care. That was interrupted by the snap general election, during which the debate moved on significantly. This paper picks up and widens that discussion.

As always, discussions will be more greatly informed if groups are able to include members from different age groups. If your CPF Group does not usually include many members aged under 40, then we would encourage you to use this opportunity to reach out to younger voters in your constituency.

We want to ensure that as many associations and as many members are able to engage in this vital and wide-ranging discussion. Some groups may wish to discuss the questions over the course of two meetings. The closing date for this brief is therefore 31 August.

Please send your group responses to the paper, via, using the associated response form published alongside this paper, below.

A summary of responses to this paper will be sent to the Secretary of State for Health & Social Care, the Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP; CPF Chairman, George Freeman MP; Conservative Vice-Chairman for Policy, Chris Skidmore MP; and the Prime Minister’s Policy Unit within a month of the closing date for submissions.

The next paper will be on the challenge and opportunities of the digital age and will be published at the start of September. Thank you. We look forward to hearing your ideas on this important topic.

The "short version" below excludes graphics, background material and endnotes, for those who prefer only the core discussion material.

N.B. Full version of the paper updated 13 June with small addition to the background material


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