Hemel Hempstead CPF

The CPF’s National Voluntary Director, Hannah David, was invited to join the Hemel Hempstead CPF group this week. The Group were particularly interested in learning about the new Tomorrow’s Champions initiative and forthcoming discussion programme and a lively Q and A discussion followed Hannah’s presentation. Some interesting suggestions were made by the members including a request that more roundtables should be held by Ministers on policy topics (like the housing roundtable held by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Rt Hon Sajid Javid last year).

The evening concluded with a local issue discussion on Hemel Hempstead Hospital and the comments will be passed to local elected representatives and the MP for their feedback. The debate was an excellent example of how the CPF should be used to ensure opinions and voices are heard on local (as well as National) issues.

The CPF would like to thank the organiser, Chris Wright for arranging such an excellent event.