January 2020 Newsletter from Voluntary Director Flick Drummond

Happy New Year. We hope you have recovered from the work that you did over the General Election and feel rested for 2020 when we have an exciting programme for the year. We continue to work closely with No 10’s Policy Unit and were pleased to see many of your suggestions in the manifesto; they are certainly listening to CPF members.

One of our biggest innovations this year is our new website which you can visit at www.conservativepolicyforum.co.uk and interactive area set up by our Digital Officer, Katrina Sale. This will not replace the usual CPF meetings, but we know that some people cannot get to meetings, so this is an opportunity to contribute in other ways. Please have a look through the new website and sign up for the online debates and Q and A sessions.

Webinar with John Penrose MP 29 January 2020

CPF will also be hosting monthly webinars with policy experts, who will share their views on key policy areas before taking questions from attendees. This is a fantastic opportunity to hear from leaders in our party - from the comfort of your own home! We'll be kicking off the year with John Penrose, the new CPF Chairman. He'll be discussing the first paper and our plans for 2020, and taking your questions and suggestions. Register as a member on the new website to access this webinar.

Our programme this year will start with a paper in January on the Queen’s Speech for you to discuss, including any thoughts you might have on the budget. With the Police and Crime Commissioner elections in May, we will be having a paper on Policing in March. This should help members and others with the knowledge to campaign for our fantastic PCCs on the doorsteps, but we will also send all your local input to your PCC candidates.

Our 2020 policy consultation paper plan
20 Jan – 1 Mar Queen’s Speech
17 Feb – 29 Mar Policing
11 May – 12 Jul The Environment and Animal Welfare
13 Jul – 13 Sep Infrastructure, investment and Devolution
14 Sep – 25 Oct Workers and Families
26 Oct – 13 Dec Public Services
4 Jan – 14 Feb 2021 The Union and Constitution
15 Feb – 28 Mar 2021 The Justice System

Last year we had an average of 200 constituencies getting involved in CPF with about 2000 members contributing. I hope that we can improve on that this year as we now see the value in helping shape our Party and country’s future. I was re-elected as an MP in December’s election so will be stepping down this year from the CPF voluntary role but will continue to support it and listen to what you have to say.

Thank you to everyone for your time spent in discussions and a particular thank you to all the organisers – I have enjoyed visiting many groups: they are quite diverse but all have been interesting and informative.

Keep up the good work.

Flick Drummond

Voluntary Director