Past Papers 

Infrastructure Investment and Devolution

July - September 2020

As we emerge from the coronavirus lockdown, never has the Conservative Party and Prime Minister’s agenda to level up and invest infrastructure been so important. To help communities across the country to prosper, we will continue modernising our roads and railways, and improving the everyday services that people rely on to get to work, visit friends and access local services. Strengthening these vital connections, ensuring journeys are quick, reliable and clean, is central to our ambition to level up the country and kickstart regional economies as we rebuild the economy.

Coronavirus Pandemic

Mar - 10 May 2020

“The coronavirus outbreak is the biggest public health emergency in a generation. It calls for dramatic action, at home and abroad, of the kind not normally seen in peacetime. Our goal is clear. The over-riding objective is to protect life.”

(Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, The Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP)

Life as we knew it has been turned upside-down. We are currently unable to socialise in the same ways as previously we have all too often taken for granted. Nevertheless, democratic government continues and we in the Conservative Policy Forum want to play our part to encourage and support one another, to help hold our communities together and to contribute to the wise leadership of our country.

Environment and Animal Welfare

May - July 2020

How can we protect our environment and leave it in a better state for future generations? How do we maintain and improve our animal welfare laws now we have left the EU? 


The Queens Speech

Jan - Mar 2020

What are you pleased to see contained in the Queen’s Speech? Is there anything that a majority of your group were disappointed to see included? Is there anything else that you would have liked to have seen included? Let us know your views on the Queen’s Speech, including any ideas you might have for the budget. The closing date for this consultation is 1st March. Register as a member to find out where your newarest CPF meeting is happening.


Jul - Oct 2019

After the 2017 general election, the CPF led a Party-wide consultation into Conservative values. Now, with the election of a new Party Leader and new Prime Minister, we want to give Members the opportunity to reflect again on who we are as a Party and how our values should be reflected in the policies that we seek to champion and implement.

Post Brexit Economy

May - Aug 2019

By the end of October, albeit seven months later than originally expected, the UK will have left the European Union, in accordance with the result of the 2016 referendum. Following our recent discussions on Global Britain and Sustaining Democracy, in order that our Party is ready to make the most of the opportunities that this presents, this discussion paper invites you to consider the Post-Brexit Economy.

Sustaining Democracy

Feb - May 2019

How can we strengthen the Union, ensuring that the government serves people in every part of the UK? How can we encourage more people, especially young people, to participate in our democracy?

This discussion paper is looking at another of the five areas covered by the Prime Minister’s Policy Commission, Sustaining Our Democracy.

Global Britain

Jan - Feb 2019

What should Britain’s role be in the world? How can we maximise our soft power through our aid, trade, and security commitments? How can we make ourselves safer and create more trade in a dangerous world?

Disability & Inclusion

Nov 18 - Jan 2019

“The UK has achieved a great deal and has been at the forefront of developments in equality and disability rights. But we are clear that more needs to be done. We will continuously develop and deliver real and practical improvements to ensure disabled people have the same opportunities for inclusion as people who are not disabled.” (Sarah Newton MP, Minister for Disabled People, Health and Work, 3 October 2018)

The Digital Age

Sept - Oct 2018

“In 1982 … I said that “a single career change may not be enough in an age of fundamental structural evolution”. … Today we can see the spread of annually updated professional and technician “certificates to practice” from medical consultants [and] aerospace engineers to other areas where proof of current competence is essential. Meanwhile digital marketing or security practitioners can become seriously out of date within months unless they spend time each week keeping up to date.” (Philip Virgo, Chairman of the Conservative Technology Forum, 31 May 2018)

Health and Social Care

June - Aug 2018

In 2017, the CPF published a discussion paper on the important subject of adult social care. That was interrupted by the snap general election, during which the debate moved on significantly. This paper picks up and widens that discussion.

Conservative Conservation

Mar - May 2018

“Respecting nature’s intrinsic value and making sure we are wise stewards of our natural world is critical if we are to leave the environment in a better state than we inherited it. Our Environment Plan sets out how over the next 25 years we will radically reduce the waste that is choking oceans and rivers, cleanse our air of toxic pollutants and create new habitats for our most precious wildlife to thrive.” (The Rt Hon Michael Gove MP, Secretary of State for the Environment, Food & Rural Affairs)

Skills and Training for a 21st Century Workforce

Jan - Feb 2018

In 2017, the CPF published a discussion paper on the important subject of adult social care. That was interrupted by the snap general election, during which the debate moved on significantly. This paper picks up and widens that discussion.

A New Deal for a New Generation?

Oct - Dec 2017

In 2017 , 2/3 first-time voters (aged 18 or 19) supported Labour. Fewer than 1/5 voted Conservative. The age at which a voter is more likely to have voted Conservative than Labour rose to 47. How can we make the Conservative Party once again the party of young people?

Conservative Values

Jul - Oct 2017

The CPF’s vision is that the United Kingdom be shaped by a Conservative policy agenda. Our mission is to develop and advance Conservative ideas and policies within the Party and in Government for the benefit of the whole nation. This begs a very simple but fundamental question: what Conservative values underpin such an agenda?



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