Joy Morrissey

CPF Champion for social housing tenants

Joy Morrissey was a Conservative parliamentary candidate in the 2017 General Election and a London Assembly candidate in 2016, representing the Conservative London mayoral candidate in two high profile London housing hustings. She is currently an elected councillor in Ealing.

Her professional background is in film and the performing arts. She worked as an actor & producer in Hollywood and has also undertaken humanitarian work in Albania, Kosova, China and India, helping with refugees, working in orphanages and teaching English. Subsequently, she completed a Masters degree at the London School of Economics, in European Social Policy, where she was also the first postgraduate in 30 years to be elected to the LSE Court of Governors.  She went on to work for Ealing Central MP Angie Bray and then Will Quince MP as a parliamentary staffer.

Joy believes passionately in every person, no matter their background, skills or race, getting a fair deal in society.  That is why she presently works for the Centre for Social Justice.  In 2014, she was elected as a councillor for Hanger Hill ward in Ealing. Building on her past experience, she has been able to work with all communities within the London borough and advocate for their needs, particularly fighting for housing for single parents and the prevention of family homelessness.   She was the first Conservative elected by residents to the Acton Vale Estate Management Committee and has fought for more sheltered accommodation and social housing in Ealing. She has also advocated for Londoners’ mental health rights and was instrumental in saving the Solace Centre, a mental health walk-in facility that the Labour council was intent on closing.  She has worked closely with organisations helping ex-offenders get back into employment, organised highly successful apprenticeship fairs and been deeply committed to the residents of Ealing and Acton.