Resham Kotecha

CPF Champion for the BAME community

Resham is a strategy consultant, working in the media, telecoms and broadcasting industries.

Resham has been active in the Conservative Party for the past five years. She stood as a candidate in the 2015 General Election, and was the party’s youngest BME candidate (Dulwich & West Norwood) and the youngest mainstream candidate in London. She was a candidate for a target seat in the 2017 general election (Coventry North West), achieving the party’s highest vote share since 1979.

Resham currently serves as the Head of Engagement for Women2Win (an organisation co-founded by the Prime Minister to get more women elected to Parliament) and speaks at schools and universities as part of her outreach role to try and encourage young people to get involved in politics and stand for parliament. She is the Conservative Party Chairman for the NW London Area and sits on the London Board.

Resham is the president of the Young Women’s India Association, a charity working to empower women and educate children in the UK and India. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Cambridge University and has been recognised as one of 100 Global Emerging Catalysts by Rhize (funded by the Gates Foundation) for political work in trying to achieve a more representative Parliament.


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CPF 'Tomorrow's Champions' Panel

The CPF has always played a key part in those historic periods of renewal when our Party has bounced back from election shocks and reset the debate and policy agenda for its generation.

Bringing together some of the best and the brightest young talent in the Party with strong visibility and credibility in key policy areas, our 'Tomorrow's Champions' Panel coordinates two-way policy conversations with particular groups around their specific areas of expertise and interest.

We believe the CPF should reach out to offer a deeper conversation with key voter cohorts who aren’t yet members - or even active supporters. The data suggests that policy is the area of the party that is of most interest to the groups we need to reconnect with: the young, those wanting our help with major life-shaping challenges, and other key cohorts of voters.

That’s why the CPF Champions will:
• Support the Party's policy development and outreach work
• Build a network of voters on the frontline of their communities
• Liaise with the Chairman of the CPF, George Freeman MP, on policy development with Ministers
• Work with the CPF to support development of CPF policy consultations
• Help with Outreach in support of their relevant outreach work

For further details, read our Champions' biography pages, below. If you know anyone who you would nominate as a Champion for a particular area of policy, please let us know.

John Moss

CPF Champion for social housing providers