Policy Hackathon

The word “Hackathon” combines the words ‘Hack’ and ‘Marathon’, and implies a long sprint to create something useful in a single event. It is a great way to get the delegates at your Regional Conference talking to each other and developing new policy ideas around a specific issue. 

  • Attendees arrive and network for 10 minutes. The Chair should split attendees into separate tables. A Hackathon works best with small groups of about 5 - 10 people.

  • Each group will be given a situational problem to solve. It is up to the Coordinator to decide whether each group is given the same problem or different problems to solve. 

  • The table / tables spend 15 minutes coming up with a set of policy suggestions to help fix the situational problem. They may want to look up what policies already exist, or if there is a policy expert in the room ask their advice about their ideas.

  • After 15 minutes, a spokesperson from each table shares their policy suggestions with the rest of the room. Other attendees can ask questions and build on their ideas.

  • At the end of the meeting each table is asked to write their set of solutions on a piece of paper or in an email and send it to the Coordinator. The Coordinator will then send the paper back to the CPF team to be added to the report for the Government minister,  or share it with the local association. 


The situational problem could be based on the latest CPF paper, a local problem, a national issue from the past or present, or anything else your delegates would find interesting. It is worth finding out a few important facts to focus the hackathon around. 


Here are some examples you could use - if you create your own please let CPF know so we can share them with other groups.


  1. If you were given a budget for £50,000 to spend on local initiatives to increase youth participation in sport, how would you spend the money?

  2. Come up with 5 different ideas to increase the number of affordable homes in our region without building on the greenbelt or draining resources from the local community. 

  3. Come up with a 5 ideas for reducing the UK’s reliance on importing and increase our exports to boost the economy. 

  4. You receive a budget for £200,000 to regenerate the local highstreets across the region. How would you spend the money?

  5. Come up with 5 cost effective ideas Councils in the UK’s seaside towns could use to revitalise their local tourism industry. 


  • To open the Hackathon the Chairman presents the problem, and delegates are invited to come up with new ideas to solve it. The goal is to get your delegates thinking creatively and proactively. 

  • Depending on the size of the conference, individuals could be invited to put their hands up and suggest ideas which could be written on a board at the front of the room, or the room can be split into tables and each table can come up with a series of ideas. 



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