Policy Pitch
Policy Pitch
Members Debate - 3rd April 2020
Offer a qualified amnesty to illegal migrants
Attic Rahman

The spirit of any amnesty – an act outside of our normal laws that apply, must be one that is both necessary and in the public interest. These two points apply in existing amnesty’s such as on knife crime and financial settlements for tax evasion – both are subject to caveats, for example you cannot benefit from tax evasion if you are not  repared to make a fair settlement. The same basic principles can apply to a ‘qualified amnesty’ on illegal migration. A policy that is firm but fair – returning us to the spirit of the Immigration Act 1971 that was to facilitate migration, not act as a barrier.

In addition to being both necessary and in the public interest, it is the right thing to do. Brexit is an opportunity to re-organise and re-energise our economy. However, we must know who resides within our borders. With an incentive to apply, will be able to get a more accurate figure on the number of illegal migrants in the UK. In addition:


  • We will have a readily available workforce to meet any challenges raised by Brexit.

  • Those who apply but do not qualify for leave can be removed out of the UK swiftly (because we will have their passports).

  • Lowering the costs of enforcements and, processing at detention centres.

  • Income generated from application fees and tax receipts.

  • It is likely to appeal to the working class communities - an opportunity to connect and show that Conservatives do value and want their votes.