Many people and organisations want new infrastructure projects. Most do not want them in their “back yards”. While they see the benefit to the community, they also fear the disruption to themselves. The only approach available is compulsory purchase which covers too few people and is too blunt to be effective. Many do not want to move anyway.


The counter to this is to recognise and reward the personal sacrifice and disruption through a tapered reduction in the council tax. This could start at 100% for those directly affected down to 10% for those on the outskirts. The reduction would reduce annually by say 10% such that within 10 years, the council tax has reached back to the full amount.

The reduction should be attached to the property, not the person, going some way to redress any short-term devaluation. Section 107 clauses already require private contractors to contribute to community projects such as improved road layouts or cycle lanes. Section 107 could be extended to require the builder to reimburse the council for the loss of revenue.


The Council Tax tapering scheme could cover new or widening of roads, new house builds, railway upgrades, change or increase in use of facilities and many others, even fracking or other industrial developments.

The cycle of objections, protests and demonstrations followed by endless reviews cause delays which result in spiralling costs – or worse – no progress at all. It stifles the development of the nation. We can change this.