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2021 CPF Yearbook - The Winners

Thank you to everyone who took part in the CPF Yearbook competition 2021. We had over 200 submissions with many interesting and well thought out ideas. We are delighted to announce the following ideas were selected by our panel of judges to be published in the first CPF Yearbook.

Terry Cunningham : A substantive Buy British policy

Piers Daniell: Make the BBC iPlayer a globally available media platform

Frank Dowling: Ban LGVs from the right hand lane of 2 lane motorways

Attieh Fard: Family Boost scheme

Stephanie Kelly: House Deposit Save as You Earn Scheme (HDSAYE) - An employer and employee funded House Deposit Scheme for the under 30s

Simon Lamb: Environmental Services bonds

Tania Mathias: Citizen Volunteer Force

Caroline Newton: Introduction of mandatory scoring or traffic-light assurance system for environmental impact of packaged and fresh goods

Shabana Raman: Closing the education gap – a 21st century vision putting education at the heart of levelling up

Lynn Riley: Civic Contributions ( or put your money where your mouth is)

Ella Robertson McKay: Mental Health: the fourth emergency service

Rajan Sehmi: Financial Education Bill

Nick Stovold: To create an NHS 'Reserve' force

Dave Thomsett & Charlene Mains, Rowlands Castle CFP Group: Carers Allowance- change to terms to allow fulltime degree study

Emma Ware: Opening up the domestic waste market to consumer choice to promote green investment and innovation

The first edition of the Yearbook will be available at the CPF stand at Conservative Party Conference in October 2021. Come visit us to pick up a copy.

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