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The current CPF Voluntary Party Director was elected as a Member of Parliament in December, so we are commencing the search for someone who is passionate about the CPF and who can build on our recent successful record of growth and influence. If you think you have what it takes, please send your CV and cover-letter to by 12 noon Friday 28th February.

Roles and Responsibilities

You will become a senior member of the national CPF Management Committee, accountable to the CPF Chairman and Vice-Chairman. You will be responsible for developing and implementing plans to increase the membership, geographic representation and activity of the CPF, and ensuring the Voluntary Party is ready and able to deliver them. This will include:

  • Guiding and encouraging Associations, Area Boards and CPF Groups to use the CPF more effectively to engage with members and supporters of the Party.

  • Engaging with CCHQ’s Outreach department, MPs and Ministers, and other experts and groups to help the CPF to grow.

  • Working with the CPF Manager and CPF Management Committee to ensure effective day-to-day operational management of the CPF and the delivery of agreed goals.

  • Helping the CPF team to promote a positive image and perception of the CPF; and to draft communications for the CPF network about upcoming plans and events.

  • Producing monthly progress reports, on the last Friday of the quarter month for the previous quarter period, to the CPF Management Committee and, where necessary, the Party Board.

  • Ensuring the Party’s various agenda and policies are adhered to at all times; this includes but is not limited to: Diversity & Equal Rights and Travel & Expenses.

  • Working within the organisational structure agreed by the Party Board (within the remit of the Constitution) and the confines of the procedures and structure agreed by the CPF Management Committee.


  • Application by CV and cover-letter to by 12 noon Friday 28th February.

  • Long-listed candidates to be interviewed week of 2nd March.

  • Shortlist of two or three candidates to be presented to the National Convention for election the week beginning 9th March.

  • Election to conclude Wednesday of the week before Spring Forum.

  • Winner announced at Spring Forum, on Friday 3rd April.


  • Term of office is three years, subject to regular review by the CPF Chairman and Vice-Chairman.

  • The role is unpaid, though reasonable travel expenses will be reimbursed.



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