Your local CPF branch

The easiest way to get involved with your local CPF is to contact your local Conservative association. It is the responsibility of the Political Deputy Chairman in each local association to ensure that there is an active CPF group, by which members' policy concerns can be heard. Typically, another person is appointed as the local CPF Group Coordinator. If you have difficulty reaching them, then we can help.

The CPF's Voluntary Director, Flick Drummond, and our growing panel of CPF Champions are available to help Group Coordinators to form or relaunch groups. To contact Flick or one of the Champions, please email with your enquiry. The Conservative Party's Area and Regional Deputy Chairmen can also be called upon to provide support for association officers, where needed. There is also a separate Scottish Policy Forum that runs in parallel to the UK-wide discussions.

To ensure that you do not miss out on any national CPF news, in addition to contacting your local association, please register your interest via our Join form.