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London: Police and Crime, Housing and Environment

London: Police and Crime, Housing and Environment

Short Version

1st May 2020 - 1st March 2021

Shaun’s story is the story of so many Londoners.

Born in a council house. Raised in a deprived part of London. He’s faced the same problems Londoners face every day – high fares, high rent, high crime. He never thought about politics. Not until he became a youth worker – and saw how politics had failed so many of the city’s young people.

Shaun has the experience that most politicians just don’t have. Running jobs clubs for people who couldn’t find work. Helping young people leave gangs. Working with communities to improve their areas. That’s what makes him different. He hasn’t spent a lifetime making political promises he can’t keep. He’s been on the ground, working with people across London – helping to deliver lasting change.

And, that’s why he’s standing to be Mayor of London.

Because he understands how best to fix our problems. He knows that if you bring communities together, and give them the support they need, there’s no problem they can’t fix.

That’s what London needs right now. Not another national politician – but someone who’ll bring people together to solve the very real problems we have.

"If I get into politics I could show the kids there’s nowhere a poor kid can't be"

Someone who cares less about politics and more about getting things done. Someone who’ll be honest with us about what needs to happen.

Shaun’s priorities for Greater London come from real-life experience. They come from listening to the priorities of ordinary Londoners.


1. Cutting violent crime – so we can walk the streets safely.

2. Building homes that ordinary Londoners can actually afford to buy – so owning a home is a possibility for everyone.

3. Investing in London’s transport network – so everyone has a reliable service that gets them to work on time.

4. And protecting Greater London’s economy – so our city’s economy continues to grow through Brexit and beyond.

So that’s what Shaun will do as Mayor of London – show leadership on London’s priorities, bring people together to solve our shared problems and work hard to make a lasting difference.

Shaun has a plan to protect Greater London’s future.

London: Police and Crime, Housing and Environment
London: Police and Crime, Housing and Environment
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