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Each year we run a series of national policy consultations to understand what people across the country think about the big issues and their perspective on what policies and priorities the nation needs to prosper. 

From late-March to early-May, we have a break from our consultation cycle, so that members can focus on campaigning for the May elections. Visit our Future Briefing Papers page to see what consultations we are planning for the coming months. 

Making The Case ... for Responsibility

9th May - 2nd July 2023

“I believe that a system built around the free exchange of goods and services, the responsibility of the individual, the division of labour – is the morally right way to organise our economy.” (Rishi Sunak, 24 February 2022)

Take part in this consultation, the third in a our series aimed at strengthening grassroots Conservatism, to help us make the case for responsibility.

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