"Hi Priti, is Boris there? I've got some ideas for him ..."


The Policy Unit in No. 10 has asked us to ask you for your ideas.


Each year we run a series of national consultations to understand what people across the country think about the big issues and their perspective on what policies and priorities the nation needs to prosper. 

Here are the current consultations we are running. Learn about the issues and have your say on the future of our nation. 

Infrastructure Investment and Devolution


As we emerge from the coronavirus lockdown, never has the Conservative Party and Prime Minister’s agenda to level up and invest infrastructure been so important. 

Find out more about the future of national and local investment and devolution and share your views here.

Policing and Crime Prevention


In May 2021 the UK will elect 36 Police and Crime Commissioners. Help them understand your priorities for crime prevention in your area by taking part in this consultation.

This consultation will be ongoing until the PPC elections

London: Police and Crime, Housing and Environment


Shaun Bailey, the Conservative candidate for London Mayor, wants to hear the views of CPF groups and supporters across London of these three big policy areas.

This consultation will be ongoing until the Mayoral elections in May 2021



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