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Each year we run a series of national policy consultations to understand what people across the country think about the big issues and their perspective on what policies and priorities the nation needs to prosper. 

From late-March to early-May, we have a break from our consultation cycle, so that members can focus on campaigning for the May elections. Visit our Future Briefing Papers page to see what consultations we are planning for the coming months. 

The Future of Transportation

4 Sept - 5 Nov 2023

“Electrification, connectivity, automation, and real-time data collection and analysis are driving the development of new modes of travel and new ways to do business. Some of these changes – such as transport apps, electric vehicles, drones and early vehicle automation – are already here; the rest are likely to ramp up dramatically between now and 2030.” (Future of Transport programme)

Take part in this consultation, the second in our series of consultations looking beyond the short-term political horizon to the future.

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