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Why Become a CPF Leader

CPF Groups contribute to the campaigning strength of an Association. They are a great way to involve people who have an interest in thinking about the way Conservative Party ideas and policies should be developed. As such, they provide an important extra dimension to membership of our Party.

The CPF is the vital link between ordinary Members of the Party and Government. The CPF makes it clear to every Conservative (whether they are a member or a sympathiser) that no matter who you are, where you live, or what your experience of politics is, your voice will be heard and will count.

So, having a strong, effective CPF as part of your Association or other community is another great way to attract, engage and increase your membership. This document has been prepared to help you get started.

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If you are ready to set up a CPF group, fill in the form below. If a constituency has more than one group each group will need a different name.



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