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National Discussion Group Leaders

Now, more so than ever before, there is a genuine recognition at the top of the party of that members views need to be sought and heard: 4-out-of-7 commitments in the Party’s 2019 election manifesto can be traced back to ideas proposed by CPF members.  At the same time members are increasingly turning to new and different online platforms on which to air their views and the CPF is now running online polls, broadcasting video conferences with government ministers and holding roundtable discussions with members at 10 Downing Street, as well as publishing our traditional consultation papers.  

The CPF National Discussion Groups are subject-specific forums where members can share ideas and learn from each other. The goal is to enable members with an interest in a particular area of policy to be able to exchange and develop ideas with each other. National Discussion Groups are a great way to become a policy leader in a particular area. 

We are looking for proactive individuals to coordinate each of the National Discussion Groups. The group coordinators will cultivate interesting policy discussions around the policy proposals submitted to the group. They may also share articles, papers or videos relevant to the group, encourage others to get involved and recruit supporters to promote activity in the group. 

Core responsibilities will include: 

  • Engaging with the policy proposals that members submit to the group; encourage others to get involved and to help develop policies in the group

  • Post relevant content on the National Discussion Group. Ideal content will include original and newly-published research published by centre-right think tanks or in academic journals.

  • Build the group's membership and encourage others to contribute to the group's discussions.

  • Organise policy working groups or other relevant events, and publicise external events related to the group.

  • Feedback recommendations to the CPF Management team on what ideas are being raised in the group.  


Please note, this opportunity is only available to Conservative Party Members. To register your interest click the button below and fill in your details.

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