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#CPFMembersManifesto: What are our values and how can we reflect them in policy making?

After the 2017 general election, the CPF led a Party-wide consultation into Conservative values. Now, with the election of a new Party Leader and new Prime Minister, we want to give Members the opportunity to reflect again on who we are as a Party and how our values should be reflected in the policies that we seek to champion and implement.

Conservative values as chosen by the Conservative Policy Forum after the 2017 election
Conservative values as chosen by the Conservative Policy Forum after the 2017 election

In recent years, the CPF has facilitated five national policy discussions each year. Necessarily, even when these are fairly broad ranging, this cannot create the space for discussion across all the areas of policy that are of interest to different members. This discussion paper breaks free of those constraints and invites supporters of the Party to suggest policy ideas for any sphere of how we organise ourselves as a society.

This topic is a change from what we originally advertised, so apologies to those of you who were looking forward to discussing under-18s education. We could have proceeded with a policy discussion on this subject, but it makes sense to use the Party’s transition in leadership to broaden our focus. Also, by waiting until the new education team are in place, it means that when we do discuss education, later in the year, our suggestions will be more relevant to both the vision cast by the new PM and the priorities of the new Secretary of State.

Alternatively, why not record short videos (of less than 30 seconds duration) of individuals stating what values-based policy they are proposing (“As Conservatives, we believe in …”) and what their policy idea is (“so we should…”)? Then post it on social media using the hashtag #CPFMembersManifesto. E.g. “As Conservatives, we believe in living within our means, so we should borrow only to invest in infrastructure.”


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