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Summary of CPF consultation on My Policy Story

In response to the CPF’s My Policy Story consultation, we received substantive submissions from 68 CPF groups, representing 777 members from 156 constituencies plus two Conservatives Abroad groups. One-in-five (20.8%) of those who participated in the group discussions had not previously done so. Thank you to everybody who let us know their views.

Particular congratulations to the following CPF Groups, which submitted the most noteworthy submissions:

  1. Meriden and Solihull

  2. Wyre Forest

  3. Huntingdon

  4. South Tees

  5. Grantham and Bourne

  6. Coventry

  7. Kettering

  8. Hereford and South Herefordshire

  9. Cheadle, Hazel Grove & Stockport

Below is a snapshot of the top themes raised by CPF groups. A more detailed collation of responses has been sent to the Prime Minister’s Policy Unit, the Party Chairman and the CPF Chairman. As usual, we look forward to publishing a formal response to members’ ideas in due course.

Overview of Top Themes

“The General Public has no idea that all these acts have been passed and, importantly, how it has been good for them and their family.”

“An impressive list of Acts of Parliament not adequately explained to the public.”

“The most important issues are those that fundamentally underpin long-term sustainable development.”

“Focus on traditional British and Conservative values, emphasising equality under law, individual freedom and personal responsibility.”

“The Conservative Party needs to tell a story about what the UK can and should look like in 2030, 2040 and 2050 with the benefit of UK Conservative Party policies.”

“Security and defence will be the defining global challenge for Britain in the coming decades.”

The Government policies implemented since Rishi Sunak became PM that were most frequently identified by CPF Members as having a positive impact on their lives and families included:

  • Energy: e.g. “The government help with energy bills has had a positive effect for everyone.”

  • Lifetime Allowance: e.g. “The increased annual pension allowances has benefitted several, allowing them to prepare better for their future old age.”

  • Childcare: e.g. “Childcare has become more affordable.”

  • Triple lock: e.g. “Keeping the triple lock has been conducive for pensioner dignity and wellbeing.”

  • Support: e.g. “Energy Pricing Support was particularly welcomed.”

  • National Insurance: e.g. “The cut to National Insurance is helping all those of working age.”

  • Inflation: e.g. “The fight on inflation has reduced fixed-term mortgage rates, capped to approximately 5%, which is beginning to be affordable to young people with good jobs.”

  • Apprenticeships: e.g. “Apprenticeships have seen massive benefits in my own family, allowing young people to get on without running up huge debts on university degrees.”

  • HS2 cancellation: e.g. “Continuing the £2 bus fare cap has made my journey to placements very affordable in the Northeast, a direct benefit of scrapping the HS2 extension.”

  • Taxes: e.g. “The reduction in Air Passenger Duty on domestic UK flights will help many travelling home to visit friends and family.”

  • Citizenship: e.g. “Votes For Life made a lot of people feel valued and seen where before they felt ignored.”

Government policies most frequently mentioned as having a positive effect on other people in their community or area included:

  • Childcare: e.g. “Extended childcare to get people back into the economy.”

  • Support: e.g. “Cost of living and energy support has helped low-income families and vulnerable groups.”

  • Apprenticeships: e.g. “New apprenticeships are beginning to offer opportunities to less fortunate parts of the constituency.”

  • Education: e.g. “More pupils are achieving higher grades and passes.”

  • HS2 cancellation: e.g. “Allocation of funds to local transport improvements following the HS2 cancellation.”

  • Levelling-up: e.g. “The Tees Port development and the reincarnation of the British Steel site will assure Redcar and Cleveland’s place as a significant player in green technologies, input/export facilities, steel manufacture, and the employment of people proud of what they do, where they live, and with a clear sight of a brighter future.” 

Policies that Groups believed could most benefit from modification in order to realise their full potential included:

  • “Award the procurement of Small Modular Reactors to the only British company on the shortlist.”

  • “Raise the basic income tax allowance threshold.”

  • “Take ordinary working people out of the 40% income tax bracket.”

  • “Increase the inheritance tax allowance.”

1 Comment

I think the responses from members are very sound . I think we should add why do we have more than one source of law in U.K. : sharia law and courts should not exist and multiple wives and claiming benefits should be disallowed .

Also law is made by govt only not by sharia courts/ law or supreme courts . We need to get back to one democracy and integration of people into that one democracy .

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