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Summary of CPF consultation on the Post-Lockdown Recovery

In response to the CPF consultation on the Post-Lockdown Recovery, we received submissions from 63 CPF groups, representing at least 634 members from 107 constituencies plus three national groups and one Conservatives Abroad group. Thank you to everybody who was involved, especially to all our new participants—over one-in-four (29%) had not previously participated in CPF discussions.

What follows is an overview of some of the top themes raised by CPF groups. A more detailed collation of policy suggestions has been sent to the Director of the Prime Minister’s Policy Unit, the CPF Chairman and the Party Chairmen. As usual, we look forward to publishing a formal response to members’ ideas in due course.

Overview of Top Themes "Any attempt to engineer recovery must be based on helping those who are disadvantaged.” “Our emphasis should be on education, training and skills.” “Public transport and venues need to be accessible. There needs to be more understanding of invisible disabilities and how environments impact on them.” “Let communities and charities build on the renewed sense of community felt by many in the past year; not by telling them what to do but by letting them take the initiative.” "How is the government going to reinvigorate the economy, international trade, the education system and non-COVID healthcare?”

Four-in-seven CPF Groups (57%) called for reform of business rates (the level and what type of shops are covered) and rental prices.

Two-in-five Groups (41%) called for parking charges to be reduced or abolished.

One-in-three Groups (35%) said to use the existing honours system to celebrate extraordinary public contributions. Several, however, warned against creating division and antagonising those who feel left out, as “Everybody has done ‘their bit.’”

One-in-six Groups (16%) said to improve broadband connectivity.

Several called for the development of a long-term plan for the public finances.

Other specific suggestions include:

  • Integrate all forms of transport for the convenience of travellers organising their journeys

  • Celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, including national street party campaigns.


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