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Summary of Strengthening the UK Consultation

In response to the CPF consultation on Strengthening the UK, we received substantive submissions from 64 CPF groups, representing at least 539 members from 108 constituencies plus one Conservatives Abroad group. Of those who participated this time, one-in-four (26%) had not previously participated in CPF discussions. In addition, 3,133 members from across at least 582 constituencies responded to a follow-up survey conducted by email. Thank you to everybody who let us know their views.

Particular congratulations to the following CPF Groups, which submitted the most noteworthy submissions:

  1. Hong Kong

  2. Broadland and Norwich

  3. Lewes

  4. Grantham and Stamford

  5. Braintree

  6. Rushcliffe

  7. Salisbury and South Wiltshire

  8. Stafford

  9. Esher and Walton

  10. Isle of Wight

  11. Kettering

  12. Chichester

Below is a snapshot of the top themes raised by CPF groups. A more detailed collation of responses has been sent to the Prime Minister’s Policy Unit, the Party Chairmen and the CPF Chairman. As usual, we look forward to publishing a formal response to members’ ideas in due course.

Overview of Top Themes

“With a healthy and innovative economy, in which we all share the proceeds of growth, mixing [of young people] should occur naturally and there should be no need for social meddling.”

“We question how important strengthening ties across the UK is. It would seem to be a minor factor compared with strengthening ties within regions and pride in one’s country.”

“Learn lessons from the US where the concept of being American is reinforced daily from an early age.”

“The UK really needs a fully integrated public transport system across all types of transport.”

“The importance of a growing economy as fundamental to a fair and cohesive society cannot be understated.”

“Complete the Brexit process and shout its benefits loud.”

“Rather than yet more initiatives, we should be attempting to shore up and reverse the tide of negativity that is threatening the Union.”

“Strengthening the UK could best be achieved by increasing productivity and economic growth and closing the trade deficit.”

CPF Groups consider the top values of the UK to be:

  • freedom / liberty; fairness / fair play / fair; democracy; rule of law / law; tolerance; freedom of speech / free speech; respect / mutual respect; honesty; integrity

CPF Groups consider the top symbols of the UK to be:

  • The monarchy / royal family; the Queen; Union flag / Union Jack; Parliament / Houses of Parliament / Big Ben; English language; Armed Forces; Church; NHS; BBC; Commonwealth

CPF Groups consider the top advantages of the UK to be:

  • our common defence; security; common language; common currency; trade; single market; common history; common law; economy of scale; freedom of movement; Barnett formula; mutual support; shared history; NATO membership

There was a high level of support for each of the following proposals:

  • Work with Commonwealth countries to enable UK passport holders to work in Commonwealth countries and vice versa.

  • Cheap rail pass modelled on the inter-rail pass, allowing under-30s to travel across the UK in the summer.

There was also significant support for the ‘twinning’ of schools between UK nations and different environments such as city/rural.

One-in-four CPF Groups (23%) called for pressure on universities and teaching unions on “woke” culture.

Other top suggestions included:

  • Enable university students to have terms at other universities.

  • A food labelling scheme to include the Union flag plus the component nation flag.

  • Create a Financial Investment Review Board (like Australia) to identify UK exchange priorities and help focus University teaming / twinning arrangement.

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Unleash the potential in the circa 50% who do NOT go to University. Helping make them more skilled and more productive will create the wealth we need to solve so many problems caused by lack resources - NHS, Social Care, Justice system, Housing etc etc


ABSOLUTELY - what terrorists could be hidden in these groups?

STOP the boats coming across the water - they all seem to be young men, not families 😡

what did our fathers fight the War for??? They’d turn in their graves. We have a huge, daily invasion of illegal immigrants who rape and kill our women, and totally disrespect our laws and culture. Outrageous 🙄


Housing is a serious issue and we need to offer the opportunity to buy to the next generation at earlier ages than is currently possible.

We need to build build build.

There is an opportunity to build a U.K. “Neom” ( may be new town rather than city) somewhere along HS2 route . Futuristic, well planned , green innovation led. Just look at the Neom plans and ask yourself why we do not think out the box like this concept.

The other plan should be for a innovation and disruption unit. Nothing should be off the table. looking at tax , health ( exploring the best out come service’s) transport everything.

Respondendo a

NO we DONT need to build build build - we need to renovate old disused buildings, it’s less intrusive on our land! STOP building, save environment and our builtiful Island.


For instance, those elderly dependent on benefits and state pension and those caring for elderly people full time though love are likely to be in very dire straits this winter due to the fuel and cost of living crises.

We must ask ourselves just how many of our elderly in relative levels of poverty should freeze?

A significant uplift will be needed to disability and carers allowances as well as the winter fuel handout. Liz Truss is quite wrong again here.

For full disclosure I used to be a full time carer and evolved need for benefits to get by (I used up my savings to be able to do the care before claiming) and know how cruelly unforgiving the…


dont take the UK for granted. Scotland really could vote to leave which would be a disaster For achieving the growth we need across all nations.

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