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Autumn Statement for Growth

CPF Autumn Statement review

CPF members often ask what CPF policy proposals have been adopted or implemented by the Government.

So, we thought we would cross-reference the Autumn Statement for Growth with ideas for which CPF Groups have called:

CPF said: Raise the minimum wage

The Chancellor increased National Living Wage by 9.8% to £11.44 an hour

CPF said: Continue to lower National Insurance

The Chancellor cut National Insurance from 12% to 10%

CPF said: Reduce corporate tax rates

The Chancellor cut business taxes by £11 billion

CPF said: Do a lot more to help the self-employed

The Chancellor abolished for the self-employed an entire class of National Insurance Contributions (NICs) and cut the rate of the NICs top rate from 9% to 8%

Other specific CPF members' proposals that in recent months have become government policy include:

If you too want to help to shape the country's future, be sure that your Association or Federation meets and responds to our latest consultation!

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