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Top CPF policy proposers head to Downing Street

May update: A follow-up meeting was arranged to continue and expand the broad-ranging policy discussion further. Thanks again to all those who were able to participate at such short notice!

In April the PM's top policy advisers met at 10 Downing Street with twelve CPF members who had submitted the best policy proposals in the CPF Members' Hub.

The twelve members came from across the country, from Newton Abbot to Liverpool, from Pembrokeshire to East Hampshire. Out of the hundreds of proposals submitted via our New Ideas Forum each year, theirs were the best when judged by originality; persuasiveness; political desirability; clarity and technical competence; deliverability and practicality; potential impact; and popularity (defined by “likes” and comments in the CPF Members’ Hub).

The roundtable meeting discussed proposals in four broad areas:

  • Education and childcare

  • Healthcare and carers

  • Pensions and finance

  • Business and transport

Each participant had two or three minutes to explain their specific proposal. This was then followed by an in-depth discussion led by the No10 team.

One member commented afterwards how wonderful it was to be listened to and to have their ideas taken so seriously at such a high level. For their part, the policymakers insisted that we should continue the dialogue and to hold another such meeting again soon. As ever, then, the CPF continues to deliver on its mission to:

  • ensure the voice of Party members is both heard and seen to be heard in the corridors of power;

  • help the Party to identify the problems we will face in the months and years ahead; and

  • address how we can secure a better future for the UK and for UK taxpayers.

Once we have finished campaigning for next month's elections, be sure to get involved with your local CPF group. If your group submits an idea that the PM's Policy Unit find especially interesting, then you too may be invited to discuss your proposal in greater detail at the heart of government!


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