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A Budget for Fairness

Spring Budget 2024

In yesterday's Spring Budget, as with the Autumn Statement, it is clear that the concerns and suggestions of CPF Groups were heard:

  • CPF said: Continue to lower National Insurance

  • The Chancellor cuts National Insurance again, from 10% to 8%  

  • CPF said: Do more to help the self-employed

  • The Chancellor cuts Class 4 NICs from 9% to 6%  

  • CPF said: End the Child Benefit unfairness for single-earner families

  • The Chancellor commits to moving towards a household system by April 2026


  • CPF said: Make more houses available for families by encouraging downsizing

  • The Chancellor cuts Capital Gains Tax on residential property sales


  • CPF said: Reduce the VAT burden for the smallest businesses

  • The Chancellor increases the VAT registration threshold for small businesses


  • CPF said: Increase Local Housing Allowance (LHA) rates

  • The Chancellor raises the LHA rate to cover the lower 30% of local rents in April 2024


  • CPF said: Upgrade central IT and communications systems used by social services and the NHS

  • The Chancellor invests to reform outdated IT systems in the NHS


  • CPF said: Use modern technology to prevent crime

  • The Chancellor expands the use of AI to catch fraudsters


  • CPF said: Highlight the risks of vaping

  • The Chancellor introduces a new tax on vaping products from 2026

For a list of further policies proposed by CPF members and recently adopted by the Government - and to ensure your own concerns and ideas are taken into account - be sure to participate in our current policy consultation: My Policy Story!


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