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Become a CPF Champion

We have two new Champion roles available for standout members to get more involved in CPF and increase their experience in politics. They are our Online Discussion Group Champion and our Events Champion.

If you or someone you know might be interested in either role, please email to explain why you are interested in the position(s) and attach your current CV. Application deadline-26th May

"Mega" events champion

The CPF is looking to appoint an enthusiastic and highly organised individual to organise our programme of popular and proven ‘Mega’ format events (there will be training and mentoring to explain how to do this). The role provides an opportunity to have a huge impact on the success of the CPF, and the development of Conservative Party policy by organising these high-profile CPF events.

Core responsibilities

Organise a programme of CPF Mega events including:

1. An online ‘Mega’ event for each of the official CPF Policy Papers, to ensure any CPF members living in constituencies without an active CPF group can still contribute to the paper. The results should be fed back to the CPF policy manager John Hayward.

2. Organising or assisting with Megas at other one-off events or strands of policy development work as required (typically 2-3 of these each year).

3. Feed back recommendations to the CPF Leadership team on what is working well to attract more people to become involved in CPF events, and what isn’t.

4.   Organise 1 CPF ‘Winning Wednesday’ connect calling event each week during the short campaign period for local and General Elections, plus others as appropriate, with a minimum of 6 CPF members attending each one.

Measures of Progress

By the end of your 1-year term we hope that you will have organised all the events listed above successfully, with a minimum of 50 people attending each one.

Reports to: Conservative Policy Forum Voluntary Director

Duration: one year (renewable) voluntary role from end of Party Conference

Online Discussion Champion-Application period ended

Now, more so than ever before, there is a genuine recognition at the top of the party of that members views need to be sought and heard: four-out-of-seven commitments in the Party’s 2019 election manifesto can be traced back to ideas proposed by CPF members.

As well as publishing our national consultation papers, the CPF also enables members to contribute to the policymaking process via online polls, video conferences with parliamentarians and policy experts, and roundtable meetings at 10 Downing Street and in Parliament.

To complement these work streams, we are now looking for an Online Discussion Group Champion to drive forward our online National Discussions Groups and bring fresh energy to our New Ideas Forum.

Purpose of the job

Establish energetic and successful National Discussion Group (NDG) events on a wide range of policy issues and topics, maximising the number of people who attend and participate in them.

Core responsibilities

  1. Help to recruit and support NDG Coordinators who will actively engage with the policy ideas submitted by members in the New Ideas Forum;

  2. Support & help NDG Coordinators to run interesting member-led discussions, debates, webinars and other events on their policy topic;

  3. Support & help NDG Coordinators to stimulate and develop new policy ideas in the New Ideas Forum in their NDG topic area;

  4. Establish good links and relationships with the leaders of different Party-affiliated groups which may be relevant to each NDG topic area;

  5. Offer feedback to the CPF management team on what is working well to attract more people to become involved in the NDGs, and what isn’t.

Measures of Progress

By the end of your one-year term we hope that your team of NDG Coordinators will each have:

  1. Held at least two successful online events in their topic area each year;

  2. That these two events will, between them, have attracted at least 100 people attending and participating; and

  3. That these events will have resulted in at least four policy proposals being submitted by the participating members to the New Ideas Forum.*

Reports to: Conservative Policy Forum Voluntary Director

Duration: one year (renewable) voluntary role from end of Party Conference


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