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CPF Hopes for New Party Leader

Since the Prime Minister announced that his resignation as leader of the Conservative & Unionist Party, some 3,325 CPF Members have identified what they want to see from the new Party Leader.

The top three policy challenges or commitments they think the Party's next leader most needs to prioritise are the cost of living, cutting taxes and completing Brexit (including sorting the N.I. protocol).

Other top priorities include illegal immigration, energy security, inflation and the economy, defence, NHS reform, a pragmatic approach to green issues, health and social care, education, housing, food security, freedom and human rights, and resisting the left’s “woke” agenda.

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I would like to see significant reform to the leadership selection process. One of the reasons the UK exited the EU was becuase of the undemocratic way the EU council is selected. At least, that is the sense I get from the person on the street. Yet we have a Conservative leadership selection process that is much the same, with the illusion of choice at best! We want members and need participation; that only comes when the members get a more significant say. I want a third leadership candidate added to the final selection. The first two leadership candidates would be selected traditionally, and the third person would be voted for solely by the members. I feel this would drive…

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