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National Discussion Group Coordinators

The mission of the CPF has long been to ensure that the voice of Party members is both heard and seen to be heard in the corridors of power; and to help the Party to identify the problems we will face in the months and years ahead. We have always sought to create a truly inclusive, national Forum, accessible to all regardless of age or location, that has real influence on Party policy.

Traditionally, the primary way that members have been able to have their say is through our network of constituency-based CPF groups, run by CPF Group Coordinators. We recognise, however, that some people would prefer to get involved in a more focused way in their area of expertise. That's why when we created our Members' Hub, we introduced our subject-specific National Discussion Groups (NDGs).

The NDGs are subject-specific groups where members can share ideas and learn from each other. The goal is to make each group a resource for policy information on a given topic, where members can help to refine each other's ideas. We are looking for proactive individuals to coordinate the following National Discussion Groups:

  • Business and Trade

  • Energy and Net Zero

  • Science, Innovation and Technology

  • Women and Equalities

The NDG Coordinators will promote constructive policy discussions by posting relevant content and engaging with the policy proposals that members submit to the group. They will encourage others to get involved and to help develop policies in the group.

Core responsibilities include:

  • Post and share content for the National Discussion Group. Content may include news articles, latest research or videos, as well as CPF events and proposals submitted to the New Ideas Forum.

  • Build the groups membership and encourage others to contribute to the group.

  • Organise your own events, or publicise external events related to the group's topic.

  • Feedback recommendations to the CPF Leadership team on what ideas are being raised in the group.

Please note, this opportunity is only available to Conservative Party Members. To register your interest, please send your CV and a cover-letter to


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