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What Sparked you into Politics?

What sparked you into politics? For some of us, it’s social; the chance to meet and chat with like-minded people.For others, it’s the adrenaline and teamwork of a campaign.

But for many of us, it’s different.

We get involved in politics because of an idea. A cause. Whether it’s a burning injustice that’s got to be fixed, or an inspirational vision of how to make the world a better place.

Because ideas matter.

They are the raw material of politics. The ore that we mine, to build new societies. New ways of living that are better than before. And they are powerful. An inspiring idea will outlast elections, Parliaments and Prime Ministers. Leap national borders and change entire countries.

The ideas of Adam Smith and Karl Marx still define much of our thought, our debate and our politics today, centuries after they were first written.

So what are today’s world-changing, era-defining ideas? Nobody knows. Yet. But the Conservative Policy Forum is trying to help.

We’re running a competition for the best new policy ideas. We’re down to the final 5, and we’re about to choose the best.

You can find all 5 on our website at and, if you want a say in which is the best, just register to vote. It’s free, and the polls are open now.

So, if you vote - or feel - Conservative and you care, take a look.

The winners will be announced on 7th April 2020.


The injustice of Councils not listening to the voters. Planning officers approving plans from developers without giving councillors all the information to make an informed decision. Not spending 106 or cil money on what it was approved to be spent on.


i'm merely an audience. i am here only to muse, critique, deliberate, question, de-construct, analyse, philosophise, contemplate, lend insight to, theoritise, point out the blind spot, conceptualise, evaluate all the high and mighty ideas posted on the fourm. i don't however sit on a fence or hop into a bandwagon. i just paddle my own canoe. i, however, may seek to trademark "i" and find a place in the brand registry.


Tracy Gallagher
Tracy Gallagher
Apr 07, 2020

It’s to have my side on how our entire country is going to be running in future to assist all how citizens of U.K. as whole and help shape new policies that will help all Citizens of U.K. including Scotland currently is be bad run by SNP government in Edinburgh & all the people of Scotland who are loyal to U.K. government and to U.K. as an entire country as whole what to see SNP vote out Scotland all together. 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧


Richard Goddard
Richard Goddard
Apr 02, 2020

Politics is like sport. Just like a gymnast would have a rather different physique to an heavyweight boxer. Politics has something that anyone can use a life experience to help create a better something for others. The diversity of life experiences we collectively have is far greater than the range of physiques required for different sports. More importantly, you have to respect your opponent just like in sport. You’ll be sure to find someone whose different life experience leads to a different opinion. And that is possibly before you come across an opportunity to duel with someone from another political party. The desire to win in politics need to be the same as in sport. And even if y…

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