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CPF Roundtable with No10 on Jobs and Pensions

Following last year's CPF consultation on jobs and pensions, members from thirteen CPF groups across the country last week participated in a roundtable meeting with members of the PM's Policy Unit and the CPF management team to discuss some of the CPF proposals in greater detail.

Discussion focused around specific proposals in four areas:

  • Small business

  • Reduced red tape and regulation

  • Employment

  • Pensions

Each participant had a couple of minutes or so to explain their specific proposal. This was then followed by an in-depth discussion led by the No10 team.

One participant summed up the thoughts of all: “Amazing experience to contribute to our Conservative government policy development on a topic so close to my heart.” Another observed, “It was clear that everyone who participated is passionate about policy and that there was a huge amount of knowledge in the room - which can only be beneficial to government policy making.”

The policymakers stressed how enjoyable and constructive they found the meeting and they are committed to ongoing dialogue with the CPF. Excitingly, they also indicated that at least one of the thirteen proposals would be announced as government policy in the coming weeks!

So, the CPF continues to deliver on its mission to:

  • ensure the voice of Party members is both heard and seen to be heard in the corridors of power;

  • help the Party to identify the problems we will face in the months and years ahead; and

  • address how we can secure a better future for the UK and for UK taxpayers.

Once you have finished campaigning for this week's elections, be sure to have your say in our next consultation. If your group submits an idea that the PM's Policy Unit find especially interesting, then you too may be invited to discuss your proposal in greater detail at the heart of government!


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