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Summary of CPF consultation on Ideas for the Next Manifesto

In response to the CPF consultation on Ideas for the Next Manifesto, we received substantive submissions from 82 CPF groups, representing at least 1,290 members from 164 constituencies plus four Conservatives Abroad groups. Of those who participated, over one-in-four (28%) had not previously participated in CPF discussions. Thank you to everybody who let us know their views.

Particular congratulations to the following CPF Groups, which submitted the most noteworthy submissions:

  1. Rushcliffe

  2. Stafford

  3. Braintree

  4. North Thanet

  5. Chichester

  6. South West Devon

  7. Cambridge

  8. Wandsworth and Wimbledon

  9. Central Suffolk and North Ipswich

  10. Bridlington and East Yorkshire

In view of the expectation that at least some of what CPF Members have suggested will help to shape the actual manifesto, we are only revealing a very brief overview in the public domain, just as we did ahead of the 2019 general election.

The overwhelming consensus was that the next manifesto should be “accurate, brief and clear”. Areas of legislation most frequently raised were human rights and freedom of speech, energy and food security, migration, planning and housing, deregulation and pensions.

Be assured that our usual confidential and detailed report collating CPF Members’ responses has been sent to the Party leadership. As always, we hope to publish a formal response to Members’ suggestions in due course.


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