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Summary of CPF consultation on the Queen’s Speech

In response to the CPF discussion on the Queen’s Speech, we received submissions from 82 CPF groups, representing 84 constituencies plus two Conservatives Abroad groups and at least 689 members. Thank you to everybody who was involved: your ideas are helping to shape our country's future. What follows is an overview of the key points raised by CPF groups. A more detailed collation of policy suggestions has been sent to the Director of the Prime Minister’s Policy Unit, the CPF Chairman and the Party Chairmen. As usual, we look forward to publishing a formal response to members’ ideas in due course. Summary Quotes “Generally, all were happy with the content but felt it is too much, too optimistic and needs prioritising within this Parliament.” “Have we enough Civil Servants of the quality needed to develop the policies into detailed proposals for implementation and ongoing administration which will work and not backfire? So many proposals are spending proposals that led to the view wondering how they can be financed and implemented without a skills shortage causing delays.” “It is hoped that a settled-in government will develop a more considered, targeted, carefully planned, realistically costed approach to the nation’s present and longer-term needs.” “The Government has set itself a monumental task by including so much in these areas in the Queen’s Speech. It must not overlook the need to get things right before legislating. History and experience of a great deal of legislation show that governments and the civil service are far better at getting things wrong than right. Avoiding unforeseen or unexpected consequences must be avoided.” “The Speech does not specifically mention increased investment in the north, but this [southern] group supports the repayment of trust shown from northern seats.” “Many of the statements people liked were good intentions rather than hard policy. The devil will be in the detail and the execution.” Things that members would have liked to have seen included “How to pay for policies!” “A bill to level up investment because legislation will probably tie the hands of policy-makers and could promote spending for spending’s sake to meet targets rather than requirements.” “Measures that reward hard work and social responsibility. A commitment to the aspiration of owning one’s own property and measures to alleviate the shortage of housing. An honest statement of the social and monetary cost of fulfilling the arm-waving pledges on climate issues.” “Both regional and sectorial industrial strategy; need to encourage manufacturing, especially shipbuilding.” “The word engineering is not mentioned in the Queens’ Speech. This is extraordinary. There is not a single subject that is more sorely needed to be promoted in education and government for this country to be successful post-Brexit.” “The lack of top-level representation at February’s Munich Security Conference was a cause of concern.”

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